Community Leaders Meet to Discuss Homelessness Solutions

TB meeting

Thanks to the Toledo Blade for covering the important working being done in our community for our most vulnerable residents.

Family House Executive Director Renee Palacios said she sees a lot of families and children at the shelter, and many of the adults lack education, job skills, and opportunities to get back on their feet.


She said she’d like the group to work toward streamlining wrap-around services such as job training, mental health care, and food access, but cautioned nothing will be effective unless the team also builds relationships within the homeless and impoverished communities.


“You can throw money at them, and you can create programs, but if there is not a relationship to support these families. … Without hope, you’re not going to move forward. We need to remember that these are human people,” Ms. Palacios said.

Read the full text of the article here.


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