Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 2018

HHAW 2018

No one should have to worry about when they’ll be able to eat again or where they’re going to sleep at night, but hunger and homelessness are widespread problems that affect far too many people.

At any point in time, there are more than 600 people experiencing homelessness in Lucas County, alone.

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is an annual program where people come together across the country to draw attention to the causes and problems of hunger and homelessness.

The root cause of hunger and homelessness is poverty, and while the number of people experiencing food and housing insecurity fluctuates from day to day, poverty affects nearly 30% of people in our community – up 55% over the last decade.

We can’t fix poverty overnight, but what we can do is continue to provide resources for families who are experiencing hunger and homelessness. A safe place to sleep. Food for empty bellies. Help applying for assistance. Job training.

And when we do these things together, we form important connections that keep our community whole.

These are just a few of the organizations in the Toledo area that are working to end hunger and homelessness. We’re grateful to have them as partners in this fight.


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